“The Author’s Choice” – Looi Yoke Tho :
When Looi Yoke Tho met Gu Cheng


“In a limited frame, there are unlimited things.” Looi Yoke Tho, a Malaysian poet who began to write poetry at the age of 15, describes poetry in this way. 

Poetry is refined and vibrant, and it also uses the least number of words to convey the most information. Such as the Chinese poet, Gu Cheng’s “The Generation”. 

“The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to find the light.” In just two lines, you can see destruction and reconstruction, despair and hope. 

As a poet Gu Cheng’s achievements are beyond doubt, but as a husband and a father, he is always suspected by future generations. In 1993, he left the world with the truth in a sensational way. From then on, everyone thought of Gu Cheng, not only of his poems, but also of the tragedy of his suicide after killing his wife. 

Looi Yoke Tho has read Gu Cheng since he was 18 years old. In his eyes, what are the poems of Gu Cheng and the people of Gu Cheng? In this issue, we will explore Gu Cheng and his poems.

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  June 24, 2020

  Global Online “live”

9:00 p.m. sharp



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