“The Author’s Choice” Series – Fang Lu:
When Fang Lu met Mo Yan


The American writer Ernest Hemingway said, “an unhappy childhood is the cradle of writers.” It is like an eternal curse, firmly clinging to the life of a great writer. Chinese writer Mo Yan is one of them.

Even after a long time, the memories of his childhood are still vivid to Mo Yan so that he is still writing about his experiences before the age of 20. The book “Red Sorghum Family” is just one of them. 

Fang Lu, a Malaysian writer, reckons that the real experience of a writer will be the concern of the readers because these experiences are too profound to be replaced and are bound to appear in the novel. “Like when I was a child, I also experienced the moment when the village electricity came in, and the whole village suddenly lit up. It is difficult for modern people to understand. From then on I knew that this material would appear in my novel”. 

This is the sharpness of the novelist, who feels that everything in the world means something. Therefore in this issue we invite Fang Lu to talk to us about the Chinese novelist Mo Yan. We can see from Mo Yan that apart from the hardship of life, what skills does a great novelist need to have.

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  August 5, 2020

  Global Live

9:00 p.m. sharp



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