2022 “Silk Road in Symphony, Gansu in Harmony”

Programmes recommended by Culture and Tourism Department of Gansu Province for 2022 “Happy Chinese New Year” Overseas Online Get-together has been launched! Series program will be presented includes “Silk Road in Symphony, Gansu in Harmony” Spring Festival Gala Evening, 2022 “Silk Road in Symphony, Gansu in Harmony” Spring Festival Concert, “Digital Dunhuang” Exhibition, Online Show of Documenta Exhibition of Illustrations in Readers, Painting Exhibition for Culture of the Yellow River. Stay tuned!

Silk Road in Symphony Gansu in Harmony

The videos unfold with the meaningful and attracting story told by Mr. HUANG Xuan, the ambassador for Gansu tourism. The natural and cultural landscape which looks splendid and attractive is included into the video. The videos vividly presents the image of the ideal life, displaying the unique charm of the cultural tourism in Gansu. The colorful and splendid landscape in the video is to show the world the distinctive glamour of cultural tourism in Gansu.

A Wonderful Bowl of Noodles in Lanzhou

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, and is the geographical territory of China’s geometric center.
Lanzhou is the only provincial capital crossed by the Yellow River, and is claimed to be “the capital of the Yellow River in the west, and the scenic city of the Silk Road”.
In Lanzhou, you can’t miss Lanzhou beef noodles, the best noodle in China. The authentic version can be only  found in Lanzhou. It has five features, the soup is clean ,the radish is white, the chilli is red, and the onion is green ,and the noodles are yellow.
There are nine kinds of beef noodles according to different people’s hobbies. A wonderful bowl of beef noodles not only has high-gluten flour, and also has clean soup. The native chickens, yark meat, and the leg bones of cattle can be added in the soup.
The wisdom of harmony among heaven, earth and human begins with dough kneading. Qualified chewy and elastic noodles, are made of high-gluten flour produced in Hetao area. The dough comes alive in the master’s hands in various shapes. There are kinds of noodles. Those as thin as hair are called “thin flow runs steadily”. Those as broad as belt clamied to be “holding the world in the chest”. 
Beef noodles integrate skills with art, as well as experience accumulated through generations of chefs. The delicious noodles breed this city  and the  happy life of the ordinary people.

“Silk Road in Symphony, Gansu in Harmony” Spring Festival Gala

The whole show, with the theme of “Silk Road in Symphony, Gansu in Harmony”, features 4 parts: Spring Festival Overture, Dazzling Silk Road, Songs and Dances of Dunhuang, and Epilogue, including dances, songs, acrobatics, intangible cultural heritage, opera and other arts. The Gala presents the joy of welcoming the Chinese New Year and the appealing atmosphere in the traditional festival.

Online Show of Documentary Exhibition of Illustrations in Readers

Readers magazine, a top Chinese periodical is known as “a book touching the heart of Chinese readers”. The illustration art in Readers embodies both the essence of Chinese exquisitely drawn portraits and the art of modern magazine binding. The most typical illustrations and artworks of Readers in various periods, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China are selected for the exhibition, because they record and witness the profound changes in the lives of the Chinese people in the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up policy.

Painting Exhibition for Culture of the Yellow River

The Yellow River has been an important symbol of the Chinese nation and national spirit. Located in its upper reaches, Gansu has been endowed with a profound history and culture. Therefore, based on the ancient, profound and diverse culture of the Yellow River, Gansu artists have created works of the Yellow River from a unique perspective. Its diverse landscape, primitive regional scenery and distinctive cultural features are all embodied in the works, demonstrating the profound history and modern affinity of the culture of the Yellow River in Gansu.

 “Digital Dunhuang” Exhibition

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“Digital Dunhuang”, a protection project of Dunhuang with virtualization technology, integrates virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive reality. It digitizes the treasures of Dunhuang, facilitating tourists’ visit, appreciation, and research without the constraints of time and space. The remote sensing and mapping technology combined with computer and digital imaging can record all the cultural relics such as the shape of the Mogao Grottoes and the sculptures in the caves. With this measure, the permanent preservation and sustainable utilization become possible for cultural relics of the Mogao Grottoes.