The Guzheng Class

Guzheng or Chinese zither is a treasure of folk music. It is a simple but elegant musical instrument that produces beautiful scores of music. As its listenable music is also easy to learn, it is therefore popularly accepted and loved by children and adults alike.

China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur’s Guzheng lessons has separate classes or groupings for children and adults. With increased training and dexterity, further learning can proceed to Intermediate and Advanced Classes.



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The Calligraphy Class

Chinese character (Hanzi) is the wholesome embodiment of Chinese culture. By way of calligraphic writing of Hanzi, Chinese calligraphy is both the nucleus and culmination of Chinese  and culture in its quintessence.

China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur’s calligraphy lessons comes in both Beginner and Advanced Classes. The focus of Beginner Class is on learning basic calligraphic writings whereas Advanced Class proffers enthusiastic students to partake in different styles of artistic calligraphy.


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The Chinese Ink Painting Class

Chinese traditional painting is also known as ink painting art. It utilizes a brush that is dabbed in a mixture of black ink and water to paint drawings on fine writing papers. This course is designed for learners with zero foundation of brush painting. It encompasses basics of brush painting including knowhow on the use of ink of different colors and types of brushes, how to competently execute brush strokes and touches and development of varied themes of brush painting skills.



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汉语历史悠久,使用人数最多,世界上使用汉语的人数至少15亿 ,超过世界总人口的20%,其中汉语标准语是中国大陆以及港澳台地区的官方语言,又称之为普通话,亦是联合国六种工作语言之一。它是以北京语音为标准音,以北方官话为基础方言,以典范的现代白话文著作为语法规范的通用语。