Teaser: Back to the Song dynasty – CNY celebration


“Another year has passed when firecrackers is bursted, New Year arrives along with the warm spring breeze and people drink the newly brewed Tusu wine happily. 

When the rising sun shines on thousands of households, people are busy replacing the old peachwood charm with a new one. “

This poem is a masterpiece of the famous literati Wang Anshi in the Song Dynasty. It describes the scene of the Chinese New Year in the Song Dynasty. How did the Song people celebrate the New Year? Is there any difference? 

Specially presented by China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur – “The Story of Henan Province” CNY Special.

Let’s travel back to Kaifeng, the eastern capital of the Northern Song Dynasty and experience the Chinese New Year of the Song Dynasty!

“The Story of Henan Province CNY Special: Back to the Song dynasty – CNY celebration” will premiere on 27 January 2022 (Thursday) at 9pm!

There will be 6 episodes for the first season, biweekly broadcast on every Thursday night in Malaysia and China via online platforms.

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 Jan 27, 2022

9PM, on time

Teaser:The Story of Henan Province Episode 6
Teaser:The Story of Henan Province Season 2 Episode 1