Chinese Bridge “One-minute Walk Along the Belt and Road Initiative”

We welcome Chinese learners and enthusiasts from all over the world to participate. Participants shall be at least 10 years old (born before July 22, 2011) and not of Chinese nationality. Their native language shall not be Chinese. Minors shall obtain and demonstrate the consent of their guardians or parents.


📌Submission Time:

From 12:00, July 22, 2021 to 20:00, September 9, 2021 (CST)

📌Video requirements: 

The participants are requested to upload their entries according to the requirements of this Competition and keep the source files properly. The length of videos is within 60 seconds, the video size is within 100Mb, the video format is MP4 (portrait), and the resolution ratio is 720*1280.

Participants can choose any of the following four video categories to make creative interpretations in Chinese, and create a Vlog thereof:

① China proposed the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Which city in China do you like most?

② Do you know any other countries along the “Belt and Road” that have cultural customs similar to China?

③ Do you know any other interesting stories about the “Belt and Road Initiative”?

④ With the advancement of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, what other Chinese elements around you have you noticed?


If you have any problem with the entry submission, please contact and send relevant materials to the email address: [email protected].

Chinese Bridge “One-minute Walk Along the Belt and Road Initiative” Entry Form

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