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Beautiful China Of Chinese Myths & Legends Drawing Contest 2020!

Your long-awaited annual contest is back! 

The “Beautiful China Of Chinese Myths & Legends Drawing Contest 2020” painting competition will be solicited from now on! The theme of the contest is “Chinese Mythology and Legendaries”! 

When it comes to “Chinese Mythology and Legendaries”, you and I are no strangers. How much do you know or remember when you heard the big and well-known Chinese Mythology and Legendaries’ from an early age? 

The memories of childhood accompany us to grow up not only by stories, but also by grandparents who tell stories with us when we grow up. Fairy tales focus on spirit and inheritance. The organizers of this event have added a “music age group”, hoping that their grandchildren will have fun together, talking and painting, so that charming fairy tales can create their own family space and share good memories. 

Pass on and light up the happy time. What are you waiting for? 

Hurry to sign up now and draw a colorful and meaningful Chinese myth in your mind!

The competition is divided into five groups: primary school group (lower grade), primary school group (senior grade), middle school group, open group, silver-haired group and professional group with first, second, third prizes and excellence awards respectively. There are all kinds of additional prizes awaiting you! 

Click on the entry details to learn more! 

Bring along your work to the competition and go on a fantasy rafting in the world of mythology.


Starting now to October 16, 2020; 12:00 noon sharp

 Online submission


Chinese Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur

Supported By: 
Malaysian Ministry of Education: Department of Education, Selangor




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