“The Author’s Choice” – Tan Chia Yong :
When Tan Chia Yong met Leung Man Tao


Having been involved in news casting for many years, Tan Chia Yong and Owen Yap are the people who broadcast the news of turbulence in the world every day. Some people are used to these things, and some people want to find out why. Hong Kong writer Leung Man Tao is the latter. 

Lu Xun once said that intellectuals are the conscience of an era. In this troubled society, we often want to say something, but everything is wrong. This stems from our lack of awareness of things and lack of common sense of society. 

Leung Man Tao is a contemporary intellectual who began to write drama reviews at the age of 17 and became an important figure active in Hong Kong’s intellectual, cultural and media circles by the age of 28. 

Chia Yong said that reading Leung Man Tao can always make him make new discoveries. At the same time, he is also a little embarrassed, because it is already common sense, why didn’t we think of it? 

Tan Chia Yong believes that the reason why Leung Man Tao was able to write incisive current reviews stems from the diversity of his living environment, as well as his humble, receptive and learning attitude towards life. As a senior media person, Tan Chia Yong believes that the word “senior” is sometimes a stumbling block, which will make people stop learning, which is very dangerous. 

In this issue, we ask two major news anchors to learn with you how to become a person who doesn’t stop learning.

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  July 8, 2020

  Global Online “live”

9:00 p.m. sharp



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