Preview of Episode 2 The Taste From Home

As the pandemic has thwarted the pace of going home, how should the vagabonds who are far away from home celebrate the Lunar/Chinese New year? 

Hailed from Jilin City in a north-eastern province, Gao Haoyun is the president of Malaysia-China Restaurant Industry Association. He has lived in the tropical country of Malaysia for 13 years far from his snowy hometown in the northeast of China. 

It is thousands of miles away from his hometown. But fortunately, most of his relatives have come to Malaysia together to take root. In this Lunar New year family members cook dumplings together, partake reunion dinner around the table, and taste the familiar Northeast medley stew, sauerkraut with braised white meat, conjuring up the most heart-warming New Year Reunion.

If you are in the hometown each new year, the North-eastern folks will certainly take a “spring gig” out and about to pay New Year’s greetings. In Jilin, you can appreciate the rare natural beauty of icicles (hoarfrosts) which can only be formed in the indispensable presence of humidity, temperature and wind direction.

You may also hike Changbai Mountain, overlooking the cyan-blue Tianchi (sky lake), akin to being in the wonderland. These hometown sceneries, which are hardly found in a foreign land, are all beautiful memories imprinted upon the hearts of Jilin people. 

In the second episode of “The Taste From Home”, let’s follow the host Jane Ng to the guest, Gao Haoyun’s home and have an authentic Northeast Spring Festival reunion dinner.

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