Mega Call For Papers!  The Second “Beautiful China – The Love Journey” Essay Contest 2020” Is Here


The 2020 epidemic has swept the world, leaving people in different regions in the boat. Amid the national fight against the epidemic, China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur (CCCKL) hopes to play a special role in literature and hold “Beautiful China – The Love Journey” essay contest 2020 from now until August 31. This year’s ad hoc theme “Walk with Love”, encourages everyone through the creation of literature narrate real and touching stories, perpetuate common or shared memories, condense power of emotions and to pass on confidence, courage and inspiration to readers of today and the future. This serves to enable the readers to see all corners of the world against different languages and cultural backgrounds, the richness and beauty of life.

The competition is divided into three categories: open group, secondary and primary school groups. In addition to the generous prize money and book coupons, the winning works will also be compiled into books for the benefits of readers.

Methods To Submit Papers:

  1. Please click on  “Beautiful China Essay Contest”, fill in the registration particulars
  2. Upload the papers and click “SUBMIT”
  3. Must upload the papers via Microsoft Word file

Please hurry up with your masterpiece submission!


 From now till August 31, 2020

  Online submission of papers




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Malaysia-China Culture & Art Association

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