The series art courses for the final session of the year is now open for registration!

🌸Do you wish to write beautifully organized and graceful Chinese characters? Join the Chinese Calligraphy Class for surprising results!
🌸Do you want to experience the boundless joy and sense of accomplishment that ink and brush can bring? Join the ChineseInkPainting Class to enhance your aesthetic taste and immerse yourself in the beauty of Chinese ink painting!
🌸Do you desire to immerse yourself in a joyful environment filled with delightful notes and a relaxed atmosphere? Join the GuZheng Class for soothing emotions and inner peace!
🌸Explore culture! Train your mind! Join the Weiqi and experience the excitement of intellectual sports and mental stimulation!

The new series of art courses will commence on August 19, 2023. China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur offers art courses at various levels, welcoming both beginners and those with some artistic background. It’s a journey of refining one’s sentiments and cultivating one’s character. Outstanding students also have the chance to participate in the “Cultural China Tour” program! Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your artistic pursuits and broaden your cultural horizons!

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity! Earlybird rates are available now! Hurry and take advantage of them! 🤩🤩🤩

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Color Ink Painting
Chinese Ink Painting (Theme: Jieziyuan Art)
Chinese Ink Painting (Theme: The Four Gentlemen (Sì Jūnzǐ)
Series of Art Courses Intake Now Open! Register early for better deals!
The Chinese Language Course for the final session of the year is now open for registration!