The Chinese Language Course for the final session of the year is now open for registration!

Our comprehensive HSK courses cover Levels 1 to 3, providing you with the foundation you need to excel in the world of Chinese language. From HSK 1 to HSK 3, we’ve tailored an exciting journey for you to embark on your Chinese language adventure.

HSK 1: Perfect for absolute beginners. Start with pinyin and basic conversations, mastering simple dialogues for everyday scenarios.

HSK 2: Elevate your vocabulary and expressions. Learn more complex ways of communication, enabling you to converse more fluently.

HSK 3: Expand your vocabulary and grammar. Engage in deeper conversations, boosting your confidence in interacting with Chinese speakers.

Why choose our Chinese language courses?

✅ Class commence on 28 August 2023

✅ Experienced teacher, making learning easy and enjoyable.

✅ Based on HSK Standard Course Textbooks.

✅ Tuition fees include textbooks.

✅ Small class sizes, personalized guidance, ensuring effective learning.

Apply before 18 August 2023 to benefit from the early bird offers!🤩

Registration Link:

Chinese Language Course
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