Preview of Episode 1 The Taste From Home

Chef Zhang Fenglong who hailed from Chaochow, China, pairs pickles and preserved vegetables with a bowl of rice congee, in his hometown of Puning, Guangdong. It is the typical hometown flavour that Teochew’s people are most accustomed to. 

To date he has worked and lived in Malaysia for seven years. He always carries along preserved vegetables and sour plums pickled by his parents, as if he is carrying some form of sustenance for his hometown.

His mother’s casserole seafood porridge in particular, owing to Chaochow being endowed with rich seafood resources, entails preparing fresh seafood in the clay pot, to be accompanied by the preserved pickles from home too. 

He seems to have returned to the Chaochow area right after taking a bite. Whether it is Shande Meihai in his hometown, the Guangji Bridge or  West Lake in Teochew, it represents the most beautiful vista of “The Taste From Home” in his heart .

Watch the premiere of “The Taste From Home” on February 3 (Wednesday) at 9: 00 p.m. Just let host Darren Ch’ng and guest Zhang Fenglong take you  to Chaochow, China. Together let’s partake a bout of homesickness that Teochew people cannot forego as encapsulated by the motherly stewed seafood porridge in clay pot. 

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    Feb 3, 2021

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