“The Author’s Choice” – Tai Hsiao Hua: When Tai Hsiao Hua met Jin Yong


“Fei Sue Lian Tian She Bai Lu, Xiao Shu Shen Xia Yi Bi Yuan”* encapsulates Jin Yong’s (or Kam Yoong in Cantonese) 14 martial arts novels that manifestly depict a wholesome era of worldly vicissitudes (“jiang hu”) in the minds of people. But apart from the tales of worldly vicissitudes, who the heck is Jin Yong? His martial arts novels were immaculately crafted. We tend to take his novelist’s identity for granted too. However, what Jin Yong originally wanted to do was not to be a novelist. 

Vice president of the World Federation of Chinese Literature, Ms Tai Hsiao Hua began to read Jin Yong’s works at the age of 21. To date, her favorite is not Jin Yong’s famous martial arts novels. So ultimately which of Jin Yong’s books would Tai Hsiao Hua recommend? Owen Yap and Tai Hsiao Hua shall take you together to know Jin Yong beyond “the shadow of the knives and saber of lights”!

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  May 27, 2020

  Global Online “live”

9:00 p.m. sharp



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