Teaser:The Story of Henan Province Episode 5


Teaser: Luoyang, the Capital of Divine Land.

If you would like to know the ups and downs of past and present, just have a look at Luoyang City.

Luoyang, as the earliest known capital in Chinese history, has witnessed the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties over thousands of years and also has experienced great ups and downs throughout the history of China.

Specially presented by China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur – “The Story of Henan Province”. 

Let’s explore this ancient thousand-year-old capital together and learn its ups and downs!

The Story of Henan Province episode 5: Luoyang” will premiere on 23 December (Thursday) at 9pm!

There will be 6 episodes for the first season, biweekly broadcast on every Thursday night in Malaysia and China via online platforms.

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  Global Live Stream

 Dec 23, 2021

9PM, on time

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