“Sentient Mountains and Seas: Vast and Tranquil” Liaoning—Cultural Heritage in Liaoning

In the northeastern part of China, there is a land that carries a splendid history and culture, preserving countless sagas of courage and wisdom. Let’s step into Liaoning, a place famed for its world cultural heritage sites, follow the footprints of history, listen to ancient tales, and together, experience the liveliness and happiness of the people who live here. “Sentient Mountains and Seas: Vast and Tranquil Liaoning—Cultural Heritage in Liaoning” series of short videos feature three representative cities in different regions of Liaoning Province, China, namely Huludao, Benxi, and Shenyang. These videos explore the exquisite tourist routes of Liaoning and offer a journey of discovering the cultural heritage of Liaoning. The focus is on showcasing the world cultural heritage sites, intangible cultural heritage skills, unique local cuisine, and other aspects of Liaoning Province, highlighting its high-quality cultural and tourism resources.

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