“The Author’s Choice” – Lee Xin Yi :
When Lee Xin Yi met Pan Mao Jian


Chinese writer Mao Jian is her real name which was given to her by her grandfather who loved drinking tea. Her writing is also light and plain as tea, allowing you to savor and enjoy the subtlety of its text.

Malaysian artist Lee Xin Yi’s contact with Mao Jian began with her film reviews. In Xin Yi ‘s perspective, Mao Jian’s film review is not just an impression after reading (or post-reading impression), but it is also a creation of the second round. Mao Jian can bring out the classics at her fingertips with ease and also navigate freely in the popular works by relying on her own unique and exquisite observations in her impressionistic film reviews that enthrall her audience.

Over the years, Xin Yi  had grown up with Mao Jian’s works. Lee Xin Yi felt that compared to boys, girls are more likely to have feelings about the passage of time and know at what age the kind of person they need to be.  

In this issue, we invite Lee Xin Yi  to talk to us about the Chinese writer Mao Jian to find out how she grew up and bid farewell to her youth.

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  August 19, 2020

  Global Live

9:00 p.m. sharp



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