Commencement Of First “Ink-Rhymed Calligraphy” Class At
China Cultural Centre In Kuala Lumpur


On the evening of October 10, China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur ’s first ink-rhymed calligraphy class commenced as scheduled. The training session was divided into Advanced and Beginner classes. Active enrolment was received from all segments of the society upon release of the notice of student admission. The trainees comprised students, office workers, retirees and the likes with their age ranging from 9 to 70 years old.

The Advanced Class was instructed by Mr Wong Ho, a famous Chinese Malaysian calligrapher and Visiting Professor of the Qigong Academy of Beijing Normal University. Meanwhile, Ms Tan Guat Bee , a committee and National Jury of The Calligraphy Society of Malaysia took charge of the Beginner Class.

Despite his tender age of 9 years old, the youngest pupil, YuQian an overseas student from China who had 2 years of calligraphy training said that she would be a good “class monitor” and lead the calligraphy learning in the class. Advanced Class instructor Mr Wong Ho even had demonstrated calligraphic writing on the spot and presented a painting as a memento to CCCKL whilst heralding in the commencement of the training classes.

At the class commencement ceremony, CCCKL’s Director Messrs. Zhang JieXin observed that Chinese culture and education had witnessed its inheritance and development in Malaysia. Calligraphy is the most representative symbol of Chinese culture. Calligraphy learning not only entails the joy of its artistic appreciation but also nurtures good individual character which in turn is seminal for the body and mind. CCCKL would continue to conduct more Chinese cultural and Mandarin-related courses as a means to provide Malaysians with more opportunities to learn and understand Chinese culture.


 10 October, 2019

Classroom 3&4, CCCKL


China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Wong Ho
Ms Tan Guat Bee

Completion Of First Term Calligraphy Training Class With Students’ ‘‘Hui Chun”to Herald In The New Year