Guzheng Class

Guzheng also known as hanzheng (Chinese zither) is a Chinese traditional chord musical instrument that belongs to the category of plucking musical implements. The most common type has 21 strings. Owing to the breadth and melodious beauty of guzheng music, it has gained monikers of fame like “The King of all music” and “Piano of the Orient”.

Course Description

Guzheng class for beginner

Target students: Adults & children with keen interest in guzheng

Types of class: Adults & Children classes

Focus of instruction

  1. Understand the history & internal make-up or structure of guzheng
  2. Master common fingerpicking and performing skills
  3. Learn the knowledge on music basics
  4. Develop ability to interpret guzheng notes

Guzheng class for Elementary

Target students:  Learners with at least 3-month of guzheng lessons

Focus of instruction

  1. Systematic training to strengthen basic skills and performing techniques
  2. Enhance ability to execute performances and handle emotions
  3. Heighten mastery of music 
  4. Differentiate formation of musical beat and rhythm and different shades of music

Course Information:

  1. Date: August 2020
  2. Intake: Minimum 5 pax with limit to 10 pax each class.
  3. Session: 90 min. each lesson
  4. Duration: 12 weeks
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Lineup of Instructors

Ms Sara Heng

– Master’s research graduate student in guzheng, from the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing

– Full Beijing Government Scholarship award

– 18 years of guzheng learning


Awards earned

  • Gold Award, Hong Kong International Guzheng Competition
  • He Yue International Instrumental Solo Competition”, ~ Honorary Gold Award
  • “College Award”, Performing Musicals Competition of  National Higher Learning Institutions ~ Gold Award
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