2022 World Ocean Day: “Hainan: All the Sun, All the Fun” Online Travel Courses


June 8, 2022 marks the 14th “World Oceans Day” and the 15th “China Ocean Day”. In the hope that we will work together to protect the blue planet we rely on for our survival, “China Travel Course” makes a special recommendation for China’s beautiful tropical island, Hainan.

Hainan has an abundance of natural ecological resources with 68 bays, 81 peaks of over one thousand meters, 9 national forest parks, and more than 70 natural hot springs. Since May 2018, Hainan has provided visa-free entry for citizens of 59 countries, with a maximum stay duration of 30 days. The island has 653 km of round-island high-speed rail, connecting 12 coastal cities and counties and making traveling around the island more convenient. The railway is only 300 meters from the coast at closest. Hainan is not only known for its natural scenery and ecological resources, but it is an island of culture as well, with the “Double Three” Festival of Li & Miao ethnic groups, world-class Round Hainan Regatta, and high-profile golf tours.

Here in Hainan, you can enjoy the sun and beaches, the allure of the coast, the marine life by diving underwater, the adventures in a rainforest, the shopping spree at the duty-free complex, the healing bath in a hot spring resort, and a fun game of golf at an obsidian course. The vast amount of ecological resources, culture, history, folk customs, modern technology, and fashion will fulfill your needs for family vacations, workouts, wellness, cultural experience, and many more.

We sincerely invite you and your family to visit Hainan after the pandemic and find the joy of your life here.

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Overview Hainan

Hainan province is the southernmost province of China with a year-round mild climate, plenty of sunshine, clean air, and clean water. As a Chinese coastal province in the tropical region, with 1944 km of coastline, 68 breathtaking bays, 81 peaks over 1000 meters tall, 9 national parks, more than 70 hot springs, lush tropical forests,endless oceanic resources, plenty of beach resorts, and many, many other natural scenic spots to behold, Hainan takes the spotlight as a world-class travel destination and a vacation paradise.

The natural and cultural resources in Hainan can satisfy the needs of any vacation-goer; whether it’s for a family getaway, a fitness training, a rehabilitation session, or a trip to see folk customs. The city of Sanya is a world-renowned tropical getaway. You can find beaches and seaside resorts in places such as Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, and Dadonghai Bay, where you can escape the cold and enjoy sunlight, seafood, and palm trees; the right place for wellness and relaxation at Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone and Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park; the traditional celebrations of Li and Miao ethnic groups, “Double Third” Festival; sporting events like Round Hainan Regatta and high-profile golf competitions…Countless cultural events and international competitions are ready for you to experience.

Clear sky, vast ocean, warm beaches, lush forests, great mountains, grand rivers, your perfect getaway…they await your visit in Hainan! 

Visa-free &

High-speed Ring Rail


Hainan’s Delicacies

Cultural Experience






第1-3天   北京


第4-5天   敦煌


第6-7天   西安


第8-9天  洛阳


第10天 郑州


第11-12天 成都


第13-15天 上海,推荐出境口岸城市


苏州一日游 距离:单程约100公里,推荐交通方式:汽车单程约1小时40分钟/高铁约30分钟


  • 故宫博物院(世界文化遗产,5A景区),北京





  • 中国国家博物馆,北京

玉龙(公元前 4700–2900),由墨绿色的玉雕琢而成,琢磨精细,是中国已发现的时代较早的龙的形象之一。

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