Here Comes The Cultural And Nature Heritage Day And Today We Take You To Check Into Sichuan!


What day is June 13?

That’s right! June 13 ~ The “2020 Cultural and Nature Heritage Day” is here!

在2020中国文化和自然遗产日之际,吉隆坡中国文化中心与四川省文化和旅游厅合作,共同推出“天府四川 ‘云’享非遗”线上展览,让海内外网友动动指尖就能在“云”端邂逅四川非遗之美。

On the 2020 China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and China Cultural Centre launched the “The beauty of Living Wealth” online exhibition to put spotlight on glorious heritage, allowing netizens at home and abroad enjoying the beauty of intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan.

Each city has its own unique soul. In Sichuan, people have named the soul of this province ease. The old man is so used to drinking tea in the teahouse with a laid-back cat napping bathed in brilliant sunshine; giant pandas enjoy chewing bamboo slowly after a lazy stretch and a yawn and then deliberately observing the home they have lived for a long time. I wonder if they will be surprised by the great changes of this city, but unconsciously, everyone knows that there is permanent, everlasting spirit handed down through the generations of this land while people insist on the protection and inheritance of the spirit with their own way.

Unparalleled Shu embroidery, dazzling clothing of Yi, Qiang embroidery combining with the charm of the modern fashion…… In the endless history, the people of all nationalities in Sichuan have created splendid and precious intangible cultural heritage with their hands, heart, and soul to inherit the spirit of this land and kindle the cultural light.

Photo exhibition





Video exhibition



On intangible heritage protection and inheritance, the inheritor is the nucleus force. Behind every intangible heritage, there are inheritors with unsurpassed skills, and each inheritor has a magical story worth telling. One of the Sichuan Intangible Heritage Publicity and Exhibition Series Activities on Heritage Day – “Via Cloud • Sichuan Intangible Heritage Video Exhibition” would be wonderfully presented from June 13 to June 19. The video exhibition would be broadcast simultaneously on the two major TV terminals of Sichuan Telecom IPTV and Sichuan Radio and Television Network together with seven major online platforms of Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, Bilibili, TikTok, Kuaishou and Zhiyou Tianfu, and with 35 titles of intangible cultural heritage films making their concerted appearances. Apart from that, 28 typical intangible cultural heritage projects and 19 representative inheritors would bring us the narratives of intangible cultural heritage — the Sichuan chapter.


上 · 四川 非遗影像展 宣传片

Via Cloud : Promotional Film of “Sichuan’s Non-relic Photo Exhibition”


Sichuan Folks Art (quyi) Image film


Sichuan Opera Performance – Shu Feng Ya Yun


Sichuan Puppet Theater – Puppet Show


Via Cloud: Exhibition Schedule of “Sichuan Non-heritage Image Exhibition”

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