Aireen, the editor-in-chief invites you to be an in-depth traveller to Jiangsu

It is the nine last days of the “Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair”, but still exciting!

We have invited the editor-in-chief of Apple 101° Malaysia, Ai Reen to share the experience of traveling in Jiangsu online. The sharing talk will be divided to two sessions, which are screening on this Saturday and next Friday at 8 pm.

This Saturday, Ai Reen will focus on Xuzhou that located in the northwest of Jiangsu Province and Suqian in the north.

Xuzhou, one of the Nine Provinces of ancient China, has a civilization history of over 6,000 years and a city history of 2,600 years. This is the birthplace of the two Han dynasties and the hometown of Liu Bang.

Suqian has a longer history than Xuzhou. It is known as the hometown of King Xiang Yu. Besides knowing the life of Xiang Yu, you can have a deeper understanding of the city through a glass of white wine.

Xuzhou & Suqian Tour sharing talk premieres on 24th April 2021 (Saturday) at 8 pm

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In addition, the Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair also brings you a glimpse of the beauty of Jiangsu through exciting content, photography and videos. Don’t miss out the chance to win fabulous prizes by visiting the website and playing the games. The special prizes will be given out every evening from 9pm to 9:30pm!

Let’s browse Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair to have a fun Jiangsu virtual tours. We are waiting for you!


26th February till 30th April,2021

Online Fair

Organised by:
Jiangsu provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore) Promotion Centre

Malaysia Cooperation Support:
China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur

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