“The Author’s Choice” – Duo La :
When Duo La met Pan Xiangli


As the saying goes since ancient times, “A man is afraid of entering the wrong vacation, and a woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man.” It seems to have set a fundamental tone, men without a career are failures, and women without a happy love family are also failures. But do people really want to exist in order to realize the imagination of others? 

Chinese writer Pan Xiangli explored this topic in “Andrographis” or “chuan xing lian”. “chuan xing lian” means a lotus seed with its heart being pierced, devoid of any bitterness ever since. Can our life be like this? Without intent, there could be no desire, no hope, no pain, or no bitterness? 

In this issue, we invite Duo La, a Malaysian female writer, to talk with us about the relationship between women and love. 

Watch the premiere of “The Author’s Choice” (Owen Yap) at 9pm on July 22nd (Wednesday) and Duo La will take you to meet Pan Xiangli who wears a woman’s heart.

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  July 22, 2020

  Global Online “live”

9:00 p.m. sharp



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