Magical Trip on Qixi

Since Chinese New Year at the beginning of 2021, Henan TV has drawn the interest of Chinese netizens with its series of exquisite videos highlighting holidays such as the Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.

The underwater dance performance titled Pray, aired to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival along with an array of shows, was a successful example of reinvigorating traditional Chinese culture. People commented that every frame of the performance looked like a mural, with some saying the show embodied real cultural confidence.

With the upcoming Qixi Festival, known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Henan TV will unveil a new production – about not only romance, but also dreams and endeavors. New technologies such as augmented reality will add to the excitement for the audience.

The new video show, Magical Trip on Qixi, will be available on Aug 13.

Dance show: Guardian Warriors of Longmen

This dance not only shows Longmen music performers and flying apsaras, but also recreates the image of Longmen guardian warriors. Using AR technology, the dance presents the lively images of guardian warriors in the Longmen Grottoes.

Based on the latest research from the grottoes, the show restores the original colors of Fengxian Temple, revealing the colorful culture of the grottoes to the world.

This dance show is part of the Magical Trip on Qixi series, which aired on Henan TV.

Magical Trip on Qixi: To Girls

This program incorporates ancient folklore and customs in Qixi, such as girls washing their hair, putting on makeup, dyeing their nails, threading needles and praying to the star of the Weaver Girl. After pampering themselves by a flowing stream, they have a night full of longing for their own romantic encounter in the courtyard. Seated under the melon hut and the grape vine, they “listen” to the once-a-year meeting between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl in the stars.

The song To Girls highlights folk customs while sending encouraging messages for women to be strong, confident and self-loving at the same time.

Traditional Chinese operas: Love

The show presents several classic love stories in an art form imbued with Chinese character. The excerpts performed are from Kunqu Opera The Peony Pavilion, Yue Opera The Butterfly Lovers and Yu Opera The Legend of the White Snake.

Audience can also enjoy traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritages such as butterfly kites, Suzhou embroidery, Chinese fans and oil-paper umbrellas alongside the opera.

Theme song: ‘Applause for Yourself ‘

This production follows the exploration of the stars by Chinese aerospace professionals. The first half of the program features the unremitting attempts of ancient Chinese to “fly to the sky”, while the second half describes how we eventually fulfill the dream thanks to the great efforts of China’s aerospace team.

With “Chang-e”, “Wukong” and other spacecrafts as the starting point, the song shows the evolution of China’s spacefaring dreams. It also demonstrates the indomitable spirit of China’s space explorers. The song is jointly performed by singer Wang Xiaomin and a virtual character called Tang Xiaomei.

‘The Brightest Star in the Night Sky’

A meteor shower streaks across the universe. At the same time, in our deserts, grasslands, all over the earth, people gather to watch the shower, to pray for love, to remember their loved ones, or hope for a bright future……

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