Micro documentary:Jiangbian Home

From 1st to 30th April

 the micro-documentary “Better Tourism Better Life Better World” was officially released at the online film exhibition.

The short film is going to introduce “Jiangbian Home”, which tells the story of how the villagers of Jiangbian Village in Guangxi, China, reduce poverty through the combination of tourism and sharing economy through the operation of home stay.

First episode of season one “Jiangbian Home”

Due to the constraints of social and economic conditions, Jiangbianzu in Jinjiang Village has been struggling with a weak economy and underdeveloped tourism for years. In 2017, only 38 families with 168 people remain in Jiangbian village.

When the homestay scheme was first launched, villagers were reluctant to provide houses because of doubts about the project. Finally, after much coordination, they agreed to give it a try. Then two homestays were built, transforming the traditional stilt-style buildings into modern houses equipped with quality facilities but with unique folk cultural characteristics. Since then, female villagers Pan Juhua, Liao Yanhui and Pan Yanxue have been working as housekeepers. The homestay scheme has brought new jobs with higher pay to villagers.

Establishment of Tourism Co-operative

In order to better show the village’s original way of life, the local natural environment, architectural landscape and ethnic culture have been well protected. At the same time, local resources have been further developed to develop tourism products and provide unique accommodation experience for tourists.

Resident dormitory administrator

Now, with more and more domestic and foreign tourists visiting the area, the village has taken the first step toward rural revitalization by introducing a poverty reduction model that combines tourism with the sharing economy. As of September 2019, six homestays facilities had been put into operation in Jiangbian Village, and the average monthly income of villagers had increased by 50 per cent.

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