Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair——

Let’s Get to Know Han Chinese Traditional Clothing (Hanfu)

Do you feel the urge to travel somewhere even with the decline in air travel from the pandemic? The “Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair” will offer virtual tours to Jiangsu that you can experience the beautiful scenery of springtime in the 13 cities of Jiangsu.

From now to 30th April, a wide range of interesting programs will be made available in the online fair for browsing to let you easily travel around Jiangsu and get the most updated travel information about Jiangsu!

In the coming weekend, we will bring you an online talk series by a Hanfu lover “Courtney Ariel”, who will share with you the origin of Xuzhou’s Han Dynasty culture. The series include the knowledge about Hanfu, introducing the styles and the ways of wearing Hanfu, and also the rise and fall of Hanfu culture. It will be divided into two parts:

13rd March 2021 (Saturday), 8pm: The Traditional Clothes of China

14th March 2021 (Sunday), 8pm: The Fall of Han Culture

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Han Chinese Traditional Clothing!

In addition, the Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair also brings you a glimpse of the beauty of Jiangsu through exciting content, photography and videos. Don’t miss out the chance to win fabulous prizes by visiting the website and playing the games. The special prizes will be given out every evening from 9pm to 9:30pm!

Let’s browse Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fairto have a fun Jiangsu virtual tours. We are waiting for you!




26th February till 30th April,2021

Online Fair

Organised by:
Jiangsu provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore) Promotion Centre

Malaysia Cooperation Support:
China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur

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Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair Let’s Go to Jiangsu after Pandemic