Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair Bringing you delicious Jiangsu Cuisine

Do you feel the urge to travel somewhere even with the decline in air travel from the pandemic? The “Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair” will offer virtual tours to Jiangsu that you can experience the beautiful scenery of springtime in the 13 cities of Jiangsu.

From now to 30th April, a wide range of interesting programs will be made available in the online fair for browsing to let you easily travel around Jiangsu and get the most updated travel information about Jiangsu!

Jiangsu cuisine, also known as the Su cuisine, is one of the eight traditional Chinese cuisine. In addition to Nanjing salted duck and Yangzhou fried rice, do you know that what other dishes are also from Jiangsu? What kind of taste do these dishes have?

Jiangsu cuisine is famous for its fine knife work in the process of handling ingredients, among which the Wensi Tofu (minced beancurd soup), which tofu is cut as fine as hair, is famous all over the world.

In the coming weekend, we will bring you an online English talk show by Singaporean food and travel blogger, Tony (Johor Kaki), who will share with you some knowledge about Jiangsu cuisine.

The show is divided into two episodes, and will be broadcast in this weekend and next weekend respectively.

Episode 1 premiere: 27th March (Saturday) 8pm

As a famous blogger, Tony is passionate about travel and food. He often shares his travel and food experiences around the world on his blog—Johor Kaki. In terms of food, he is particularly fond of exploring the history of Chinese cuisine.

This week’s [watch video to win] event will give away 10 porcelain tablewares. Remember to follow the Explore Jiangsu FB: @explorejiangsu ’s “Q & A” post and leave a comment to stand a chance to win!

In addition, the Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair also brings you a glimpse of the beauty of Jiangsu through exciting content, photography and videos. Don’t miss out the chance to win fabulous prizes by visiting the website and playing the games. The special prizes will be given out every evening from 9pm to 9:30pm!

Let’s browse Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair to have a fun Jiangsu virtual tours. We are waiting for you!


26th February till 30th April,2021

Online Fair

Organised by:
Jiangsu provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore) Promotion Centre

Malaysia Cooperation Support:
China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur

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Charm of Jiangsu Online Travel Fair Bringing you more Jiangsu Cuisine Catogories