Chinese Paper Cutting(1-4)

Chinese paper-cut, inscribed in 2009 (4.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Present throughout China and in various ethnic groups, paper-cut is a popular art integral to everyday lives. A predominantly female pursuit, it is transmitted from mother to daughter over a long period of time, beginning in childhood, and is particularly common in rural areas. It earns the most skilful artists respect and admiration. Many techniques are used: the paper can be cut or engraved with a chisel, coloured or left blank.





Lecturer: Mr. Shen Songbai, “Craft Artist” granted by UNESCO, Master of Arts and Crafts in Hubei Province, Wuhan Big City Craftsman, Representative Inheritor of Carving and Paper Cutting in Wuhan, winning Hundred Flowers Award of Chinese Arts and Crafts.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Class (1-4)