The Silk Road: Dunhuang Art Documents Exhibition


On October 11th morning, the “Silk Road: Dunhuang Art Documents Exhibition”, co-organized by China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur (CCCKL) and Network of International Culturalink Entities with the cooperation of Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), was grandly opened at the CCCKL. More than 150 local Malaysian artists, art students and online applicants attended the opening event.

The opening ceremony was attended by guests such as Feng Jun, director of Cultural Department of Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Malaysia,  Khoo Ee Ping, chairman of the board of Directors of the Malaysian Institute of Art, and Zhang JieXin, director of CCCKL. 

Feng Jun said in his speech that after thousands of years of Dunhuang culture, it became the enduring witness to the exchange of multiculturalism and mutual validation of East and West civilizations. The presence of Dunhuang art literature in Kuala Lumpur and the fusion of cross-border arts integration of the Two-Silk Roads gave added far-reaching significance. Khoo Ee Ping said that Dunhuang art being culture-laden had a long rich history. Dunhuang was a poem nexus hidden in the hearts of overseas Chinese, a song of Zen echoing in the ears, a feeling akin to a stroll amid the embrace of the Chinese nation. Malaysian Institute of Art was willing to continue intensifying its cooperation with CCCKL to create opportunities and contribute to exchanges and collaboration between art institutions and artists from both sides.

At the opening ceremony, associate professor He Hong of the China Academy of Art gave a lecture entitled “Beauty of Dunhuang Art”. His opening remark in the form of an idiom: “We’re like a phoenix without its colorful wings, but our minds are linked as one” deeply enthralled the audience.  All followed teacher He’s elucidation and took note of close people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia.

In a media interview, Messrs. Zhang Jiexin, director of CCCKL said that “Dunhuang culture” enjoyed a certain reputation in Malaysia. Nonetheless the local people rarely had the opportunity to come into contact with and understand it. Online registration was very popular right after the exhibition’s opening. There was a large number of people who had proactively called in to make inquiries and signed up to participate. From now onward, CCCKL would continue to collaborate with relevant Sino-Malaysian entities to hold exhibitions on more rich and colorful activities.

The exhibition’s contents were divided into beautiful Dunhuang powder drafts, Dunhuang frescoes and other stone art rubbings, Old Impressions of Mogao grottoes, pilgrimage to Dunhuang and the likes. Duration of the exhibition was from October 11th to November 3rd, 2019.



October 11- November 3, 2019

Multi-purpose Hall, CCCKL


China Cultural Centre in Kuala Lumpur
Network of International Culturalink Entities

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

Exhibition Seminar
"Malaysia's International Cultural Festival": EntrÉe By CCCKL
Landscape And Mindscape: Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Culture, Lifestyle and Arts