2022 “Best Season to Travel” Works Collection

Four Main Activities

🌸 Submission of Short Video——Tour China with Me
🌸 Submission of Photographs——Best Season of Travel -Your Perspective
🌸 Submission of Digital Images——”Best Season of Travel”
🌸 Submission of Travel Routes——“Best Season of Travel”
If you enjoy travelling;
If you love sharing and chatting about stories “on the road”;
If you are attracted by the four dazzling seasons and, want to show the world the magnificent landscapes of beautiful China, then come along.
Don’t miss out on the chance to share your works, so the world may see the four stunning seasons of China from your perspective!

For more details please visit http://seasons.travelchina.org or scan the below QR Code. 

Join the entry Now! 


Submission Period:
1st May – 15th Oct 2022


Enquiry Email:
[email protected]


Guiding Unit:

Bureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Beijing Sunny Communication Ltd.
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