Wetlands in the name of Wuhan

Through the re-interpretation of this five letters of WUHAN, wetland is written into his name, in the form of English dubbing + mezzo subtitle, Wuhan “the city of one hundred lakes”, “the city of wetland” concept, make a deep imprint in international communication. The story of Wuhan wetland is told to the world, so that more international audiences can know about Wuhan wetland and pay attention to the ecology of Wuhan, which brings extraordinary heat to the international communication of Wuhan city image. The program was launched in time at the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands, which attracted worldwide attention, and expanded the popularity of Wuhan as a “city of Wetlands”. After the work was released, it aroused the attention of international fans at home and abroad. Users actively interact with each other and respond warmly.