Photo Exhibition on Winter Tourism with the Theme of
“Special Ice and Snow in Heilongjiang”

Covering 36 exquisite pictures of key scenic spots of ice and snow, the photo exhibition on winter tourism with the theme of “Special Ice and Snow in Heilongjiang” guides us to the province of Heilongjiang, a fancy fairy world of ice and snow in winter.

Winter Fishing at Lianhuan Lake, Daqing

Immediate Water Freezing in the Greater Xing’an Mountains

Siberian Tiger Park

The National Forest Park at Phoenix Mountain

Harbin Volga Manor

Harbin Ice and Snow World (Photo by Liang Heng)

Harbin Ice and Snow World (Photo by Hou Qingbin)

Harbin Ice and Snow World (Photo by Yin Chengying)

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow Carnival

Harbin Polarland

Harbin Sun Island Snow Expo

The Yabuli Skiing _ Tourism Resort

The Wetland Park of Heixiazi Island

Kurbin Rime

The Arctic Village in Mohe

 Frozen Lake with Ice Bubbles in the Scenic Area of Guanyin Mountain, Mohe

The Icy Waterfall at a Scenic Area of the Jingpo Lake

The Zhalong Nature Reserve

Harbin Sunac Land

A Scenic Area at Wudalianchi Lake

The Wuying National Forest Park

The Yaxue Highway-An Ice and Snow Gallery

A Jade-color Hot Spring in Taoshan, Yichun

China’s Snow Town

The Central Street of Harbin