“Silk Road” National Musical Instruments and Mutual Learning among Civilizations

The Silk Road is a road of music exchange and blending, which reflects rich and colorful music cultures. Musical instruments from other regions and peoples came to China via the Silk Road. Through the blending with Chinese musical instruments, the mutual learning, and the innovative development, these musical instruments finally became the common heritage of human civilization. As an important point of the ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang served as the bridge and link. Xinjiang’s ethnic musical instruments were also popular on the Silk Road. This effectively promoted the exchange and blending of Xinjiang’s culture with those of other parts of the world and represented the friendly exchanges between the Chinese people and the peoples of the countries along the route. The project will combine visual and auditory feasts in the form of an online exhibition. With immersive experience such as hand-painted scrolls, animation interaction, live music, videos and the 720-degree panoramic exhibition hall, the exhibition shows the attractiveness of the Silk Road musical instruments such as bowstring, plucked, wind, and percussion instruments, the beauty of the Silk Road cultural exchange and mutual learning. It is also a review of the history of Xinjiang’s friendly exchanges with countries around the world. By arousing emotional resonance with overseas people, the exhibition will promote the people-to-people exchanges among countries along the Belt and Road.

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