Shanxi: A Land of Natural and Historical Charm

Situated in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Shanxi was one of the major cradles of Chinese civilization. It was once named the State of Jin, hence the province name for shot, Jin. The long history left to this loess plateau very rich and thick formation of cultural and historical heritages. The complicated topography and landforms with rivers and mountains formed unique natural resources. The province has 452major historic sites under special national protection accounting for 11.5% of the country’s total, ranking number one in China. Among them three have been listed as the world culture heritage, namely the Yungang Grottoes in Datong, the Ancient City of Pingyao and Wutai Mountain. There are also six cities of great historical and cultural significance including Taiyuan, Datong, Daixian, Pingyao, Qixian and Jiangxian.

Shanxi has a magnificent landscape and very rich natural resources. There are five state-level scenic and historic areas and 18 national forest parks such as the famous Taihang Mountain Canyon, the Forest of Mount Guancen, the Heavenly Lake, the Ten-thousand-year Ice Cave, Mianshan Mountain, Hukou Waterfall and the northern sacred mountain Hengshan all being ideal for holiday makers seeking harmony between man and nature.    Through many years of development the tourism industry has become mature and our six finely arranged tours: The Religion and Ancient Architecture Tour; Shanxi Merchant Culture Tour; Root and Ancestor Seeking Tour; Taihang Mountain Scenery Tour; Yellow River Scenery Tour and the Revolutionary Classic Tour are very popular  among our guests from home and abroad. We warmly welcome our friends to Shanxi to experience our ancient culture and enjoy our great scenery.