Root and Soul: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ningxia, China

Ningxia lies in the geometric center of the map of China and is home to a colorful variety of intangible cultural heritage. Now, it has one item included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, 28 items in the List of the National-level Intangible Cultural Heritage, and 224 items in the List of the Provincial-level Intangible Cultural Heritage. These intangible cultural heritage items are still inherited and carried forward on the land of Ningxia.

The project of “Root and Soul: Intangible Cultural Heritage Items in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region” vividly displays the intangible cultural heritage items and related cultural and creative products in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region via videos. It showcases the historical, natural and cultural resources in Ningxia through the representative intangible cultural heritage items with strong local characteristics in this region. We hope that the intangible cultural heritage items in Ningxia can serve as a window to show the unique glamour of Ningxia, and the root of long standing Chinese culture and the soul of Chinese people, thus promoting the inheritance and development of outstanding traditional Chinese culture.

Eight Treasures Tea (Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea)

Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea—eight treasures in one pot, sticks to the century-old heritage, adheres to the ancestral recipe supplemented by innovative content, carefully configured by hand, it shines in the colorful Chinese food culture.

Helan Ink Stone

Since ancient times, the ink stone has been known as China’s four treasures of the study along with writing brush, ink stick and paper, and each ink stone has a beautiful story.

Hemp Handicrafts in Ningxia

There is nothing in life that cannot be solved, and the craft contains the poetry and nostalgia of traditional craftsmen, as well as the craftsmanship created by countless craftsmen and their exquisite skills.