Read Jiangnan | Don’t forget Fan Zhongyan when you come to Tonglu

As the main tributary of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Fuchun River, along with the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and the Lijiang River in Guilin, are known as the three most famous river scenic tourist routes in China. The scenery of the Fuchun River is the best in history, which is the praise of the ancients for the Fuchun River; This is the current evaluation of the Fuchun River, which is not the Lijiang River but more beautiful than the Lijiang River. The scenery of Fuchun, the scenery of hermits. Wu Jun, a Southern Dynasty poet, came here and reluctantly left; Huang Gongwang, a Yuan Dynasty painter, came here and created the famous painting “Dwelling in Fuchun Mountain”. Xie Lingyun, Meng Haoran, Li Bai, Su Shi, Lu You, Yang Wanli, Kang Youwei, Yu Dafu, Ba Jin… Countless literary giants have come here one after another, not only because the “magical scenery is the first in the world”, but also because the spirit of a hermit named Yan Ziling summoned them two thousand years ago. It was the Northern Song Dynasty politician Fan Zhongyan who truly pushed Yan Ziling’s spirit to its peak. The Yangtze River Delta Radio’s “Reading Jiangnan” series approached Tonglu, and host Jiang Ran took everyone on a tour of the Fuchun River, climbing the Yan Ziling Fishing Platform, and understanding Fan Zhongyan!