Picture Exhibition of the landscape along the Silk Road themed “Qin era’s bright moon and border-pass stay the same”

Gansu has been a jade Ruyi inlaid on the ancient Silk Road.

Gansu is one of the most important parts along the Belt and Road. Silk Road acts as an important window for the Chinese nation’s foreign exchange and trade from ancient times till now. The rich cultural heritage there has been a result of accumulation over thousands of years. Gansu, grand, brilliant and in full bloom, is like a pearl in the northwest, echoing the era advocating the confidence in culture.

With a selection of 48 delicate pictures of 13 cities in Gansu Province, including Tianshui, Wuwei, Dunhuang, Zhangye, and Dingxi the exhibition displays Gansu depicted in poetry in four sections by a narrative mode combining history, culture and tourism, committed to presenting the beautiful landscape of Gansu, as well as the culture and picturesque scene of the Silk Road.

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