The photo exhibition – Beautiful China: The Natural Beauty of Xinjiang

Located in northwestern China, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is blessed with rich natural resources. Its spectacular landscape attracts tourists around the year, especially in snowy seasons when picturesque scenes only heard of in fairy tales emerge.

The photo exhibition – Beautiful China: The Natural Beauty of Xinjiang – showcases a panoramic view of Xinjiang’s land, water, and people. It features a collection of images encapsulating the beauty of Xinjiang – from the foot of snow-capped mountains to the vast Gobi deserts, from serene lakes to sublime mountain ranges, and from ancient ruins to the expanse of snow land.

Group Dance The clouds over Sayram Lake by Nandeng

Super Orienteering Ski Open 2021 Xinjiang Opening Round by Zhai Tingfei

Lively songs and snow dance for a new year by Li Wenwu

Winter Naadam Festival at Sayram Lake – Girls riders by Huang Jie

Tianchi Lake Ice and Snow Carnival by Bagedawulijie

Tianshan Tianchi Lake International Ski Resort by Changji Prefecture Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Dragon Dance in the Snow by Nandeng

White Lake (Altay) by Yaci Culture

Father of glaciers – Muztagata Glacier by Duan Tiejun

Glacial Lake at Mount Bogda by Yaci Culture

First snow at Stone Forest, Bayinbuluke Kuikesu by Hao Pei

Dushanzi Canyon by Li Chuan

Sheep on high mountains by Wang Zhao

Huludao Island (Bayingol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture) by Yaci Culture

Yili by Halina

Hemu (Altay ) by Yaci Culture

Kanas (Altay) by Yaci Culture

Foxes in Hemu by Xiaoye

Hemu by Xiaoye

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