“In Love with the Sword, Start a relationship with the Celadon” – Journey to Longquan Intangible Cultural Heritage

“一剑钟情 从瓷开始”片花

Longquan is the capital of Chinese celadon and the home of swords, which is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province in China. In 2009, the traditional firing technique of Longquan celadon was included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, becoming the only “human intangible cultural heritage” in the world of ceramics so far.

The emerald mountains, surrounded by the gentle water at the source of the Ou River, the thousand-year-old kiln fire witnesses of the beauty of Chinese creations, and the sounds of forging records the history of the city. All encounters here are reunited after a long separation. Walk into Longquan, to meet the poetic and picturesque. The virtual journey will take you to six stops: Longquan Celadon Museum, Baoxi Longquan kiln, Dayao Longquan kiln national archeological site park, Jin village wharf, Chinese Celadon town and Shen Guanglong sword shop.

“Enjoy the charming from the ancient to the present in the dreamy scenery.” Let’s go to Longquan and make an “adventure” trip together!