Inheriting classics: Xinjiang Intangible Cultural Heritage

Corban Festival in Kashgar

It wasn’t only goods that were exchanged on the Silk Road. So, too, were cultures, which merged and flourished. In the 7th century AD, Islam entered China’s western regions along the Silk Road, bringing with it Corban Festival.

Sama Dance: The “High Sky” Dance

“Sama” is originally an Arabic word meaning “high sky”. The Sama dance of the Uygur people is a folk dance with its roots in Kashgar. The local Uygurs of Kashgar start learning Sama at a young age. They don’t perform it only at festivals, but also at other times when they feel in the mood to dance as a way of expressing their joy.

Muqam: The Mother of Uygur Music

Muqam is known as the “mother of Uygur music”. As a form of classical music with strong associations with the Silk Road, Muqam has been deeply influenced by Arab culture.