“Henan, Where China Began”

The Grand Canal Essence Tour Video Exhibition

In order to vividly display the landscape, cultural environment and historical accumulation along the Grand Canal, an online video exhibition of major cities along the Grand Canal has been launched to let people feel the charm of the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal

Hometown of Du Fu

Tang Tri- Colored Glazed Pottery

TongJi Canal

The Grand Canal Essence Tour Photo Exhibition

In order to display the cultural and tourism resources with the Grand Canal as the core, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Henan Province has launched a photo exhibition of three essence tours of the Grand Canal. The tour of experiencing of the ancient capitals along the Canal shows the integration of canal culture and ancient capital culture, the ancient town charm leisure tour shows the agricultural, handicraft and commercial systems bred by the Grand Canal, and the intangible heritage inheritance tour shows the ingenuity of the working people under the nourishment of the Grand Canal.

(1) Ancient Culture

Iron Pagoda

Sui-Tang Grand Canal Culture Museum

Iron Pagoda

Jiuzhou Pool

Luoyi Ancient Town

Yuhe River

(2) Charm of Ancient Town

Cave Temple

Daokou Ancient Town of Anyang

Kang Baiwan’s Manor

Daokou Ancient Town of Anyang

Kang Baiwan’s Manor

Shangqiu Ancient City

(3) Inheritance of intangible cultural heritage

Yu Opera

Taiji Boxing

Puyang Acrobatics

Shaolin Kungfu

Woodcut New Year Pictures of Zhuxian Town

Nigugu of Xunxian