Flowing Culture- Photo Exhibition of the Grand Canal (Hebei Section)

The Hebei section of the Grand Canal has a total length of more than 530 kilometers and flows through Langfang, Cangzhou, Hengshui, Xingtai and Handan. It has rich heritage and distinctive characteristics. Flowing Culture – Photo exhibition of the Grand Canal (Hebei Section) will show fancy pictures of the Grand Canal’s natural scenery, cultural customs and intangible heritage culture , taking you to experience the Grand Canal’s grandeur and magnificence on the land of Hebei.

South Canal Wushu Courtyard

Return from Grazing

Countryside Pastorale

Interior Painting

Ancient City Night

Kirin Dance Performance

Enamel Inlay

Holy Land Flying Rainbow

A Boat on Shore

Morning Exercises

Canal Morning Rhyme

Lion City Greeting Spring