“Discover the Beauty of Ice & Snow in China” Photo Exhibition

Hengshan Hanging Temple – A temple built into the cliff

Harbin Ice and Snow World Park – The fantastic ice castle

World Heritage Shenyang Imperial Palace – The previous imperial city in snow

World Heritage Mount Wutai – The sacred land in snow

Yanmen Pass of the Great Wall – The grand pass and meandering road in snow

Wudalianchi – Ice-covered geological miracle

Zhalong Natural Reserve – Hometown of red-crowned cranes

Arxan City, Hinggan League – The unfrozen river

World Heritage Pingyao Ancient City – An arts center of ancient architecture

Hemu Village – A quiet village in winter

Commander Zhang’s Mansion, Shenyang – Memories of China in modern times

The Unfrozen Hot Springs, Kanas Lake – The spring and fairies

Sayram Lake – The mysterious ice bubbles

Songhua Lake – Fishing songs and the silver fish

Altay People Making Fur-covered Skis – A heritage

Make an Instant Ice Rainbow, Genhe – Winter miracle

People Ride A Horse-drawn Sleigh, Hulunbuir – On the way home in the warm sun

Snow Camel Race – Traveling in the north wind

Wild Horses in Hemu – Freedom

Chongli Ski Resort – Move in the snow with passion

Kyz kuu in Nadaam, Sayram Lake in Winter – Courageous women race men

The Diaoshuilou Falls, Mudan River – A brave man challenging coldness

Taoshan Jade Hot Spring, Yichun – Coldness and warmth at the same time

Traditional Shaman Dance – A cultural heritage

Pingyao Ancient City – A prosperous Chinese New Year

Fushun Xinbin Manchu Winter Fishing Festival – A bumper year

Ice Sculpture in Beihai Park – Tiger roars to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Yangge dance performance by Hulu Ancient Town residents – Dance to celebrate the new year

China Snow Town – Hometown of snow, origin of rivers, top of the mountain

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, Panjin – The venue decorated with lanterns

New Year in the Qiao Family Compound – Hanging red lanterns

Traditional Mongolian Morning Tea – Warmth

Tianjin’s Ancient Culture Street – Chinese New Year parade

Traditional Mongolian Wrestling (Bökh) – Battle for the champion