Chinese New Year Virtual Exhibition

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Amidst the festive season, the world unites in solidarity and welcomes a new Spring Festival. This virtual exhibition will introduce visitors to Spring Festival customs, traditions and stories, and share the joy and blessings of the new year with the people of the world .

Designed in the style of a traditional Chinese dwelling, the exhibition hall is divided into three segments: Natural festivals (Welcoming the new year: A time of renewal), Family festivals (Celebrating the new year: Family reunion and happiness) and World festivals (Sharing the new year: Shared celebrations, shared future). Through an introduction to typical Spring Festival customs blended with joyous festive elements, presented through videos, scenarios and interactive exhibits, visitors will experience the exuberance of the Spring Festival as well as its unique cultural charms: warmth, respect for nature, and passionate hopes.

The exhibition hall can be viewed in Chinese, English, French and Spanish. It will also be available as an infographic in Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Korean.