2021 Splendid China in Autumn and Winter + Creative Travel Route Design Contest2021-11-24T11:21:01+08:00

        The epidemic has brought tourism to a halt and both professional tour operators and travel lovers need to wait for it to return to normal. To inspire professional tour operators and travel enthusiasts to travel to China, the event focus on “Discovering Splendid China in Autumn and Winter”, inviting Malaysians and Indonesians to explore the beauty of China’s autumn and winter seasons. Participants are encouraged to design a travel route with themes such as “Nature Landscape”, “Gastronomic Delights”, “Wellness”, “Family”, etc. by discovering the splendour and charm of China’s autumn and winter. After the tourism industry back to normal, tour operators can refer to these travel routes when developing a new green line. The public can also use the routes as reference guides for travelling to China. Apart from the fun of planning itineraries, participants also stand a chance to win grand awards!

From now until 28th January 2022 (Friday), 12:00 noon.

Malaysia or Indonesia citizens and permanent residents aged 18 years or above.

Both autumn route and winter route are available in two categories as below:
Travel Agency/Tourism-Related Company (Representative of tourism-related organisations or companies, such as travel agencies, airlines, etc.)
Individuals (Avid travellers such as full time bloggers, travel professionals, KOLs, etc.)

The following themes are provided for reference:
Nature Landscape / Gastronomic Delights / Family / Snow and Ice / Countryside / Ecotourism / Wellness / Self-drive / Arts and Culture / Cultural Customs / Others

Step 1: Fill in the basic personal information.

Step 2: Select the category, route season, fill in the route title, the theme, the number of days, and province or city of the route planning.

Step 3: Describe the characteristics and details of the route in 150 words.

Step 4: Fill in the daily travel location and itinerary features, and prepare at least one Itinerary Image for each day.

Step 5: Upload files

Travel Route Proposal: Download the template provided in the entry form, fill in and save it as a Word file (.doc or .docx) with a filename in the following format: “Participant’s Name_Route Title_Proposal.doc/docx”, eg. TanAhBeng_CulturalWinterInBeijing_Proposal.doc

Travel Route Map: Both hand drawing or computer graphics are accepted. The map should be saved as a jpg or png file, with a filename in the following format: “Participant’s Name_Route Title_Route.jpg/png”, eg. TanAhBeng_CulturalWinterInBeijing_Route.jpg

Itinerary Images: A minimum of one Itinerary Image for each day must be submitted for the entry, with each image file not less than 800kb. Participants should upload their images to a cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Pcloud or One Drive and set the folder sharing to “anyone with the link can view”, then post the link in the entry form. Filename of the Itinerary Image should in the following format: “Route Title_Which Day_Attraction Name.jpg”, eg. CulturalWinterInBeijing_Day01_Birdnest.jpg

Step 6: Check the Terms and Conditions of the contest and tick the agreement statement, then click “Submit”.

Creativity (30%) : The concept, originality and creative elements of the route.
Thematic (30%) : The relevance of the route to the selected season and theme.
Feasibility (20%) : The practical executability of the route.
Content of the Travel Route Proposal (20%) : Detailed route and itinerary planning, including the number of days, transportation, accommodation, sightseeing content, itinerary features and daily budget, etc., with a Travel Route Map (drawing or other eye-catching presentation) will be awarded higher marks.

    *Gentle Reminder: Please provide a valid and active email address for notification purposes. Invalid and inactive email address provided by the participant and caused failure receiving notification from organizer will not be entertained.

    *Please provide a title for the route. The title may include the number of days, theme or city of the route, eg. Cultural Winter in Beijing.


    *Warm Reminder: Please ensure that all entries are completed correctly before submission.

    1. The Participants should fill in the entry form as required and are responsible for any error or missing of contact details that may result in inability to contact.

    2. The Eligible Participants are responsible for ensuring that the data submitted is true and correct. If any false or incorrect information is found, the Participants will be disqualified. The Eligible Participants shall bear all relevant responsibilities for any losses caused to the Organiser or third party.

    3. The Organiser strictly comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and the personal information and data provided by the Participants will only be used for the purpose of this event and will not be disclosed to any external organisations for other purposes.

    4. The Eligible Participants should choose only ONE category for the participation (Travel Agency/Tourism-Related Company or Individuals), repeated participation in different categories is not permitted. Each travel agency/tourism-related company or individual can only submit ONE entry. For duplicate submissions, only the first entry submitted will be considered valid and any subsequent entries will be invalidated.

    5. The Entries must be original and has no infringement of third-party data. The Participants will be disqualified if any infringement is found.

    6. The Entries must not contain obscene or indecent content, with no personal, commercial, religious or political propaganda content. Entries with any of the above inappropriate content will be disqualified.

    7. The copyright of the Entries belongs to the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to make a version, exhibition, compilation, distribution or production of the work as a publication through any media, and may also use the names and photos of the contestants for non-commercial promotion and publicity, without any need to obtain the Participants’ consent or pay any fee to the contestant in advance.

    8. The final result of the Contest shall be decided by the judges. In case of any disputes, the Organiser reserves the right to make the final decision. The Eligible Participants shall raise no objection.

    9. The English version of the Terms and Conditions is for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

    10. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions and other arrangements of the Contest, including suspending, altering or terminating the Contest at any time without prior notice to the Participants.