A Taste of China: Journey Ningxia Cuisine

Adopting the borderless narrative mode combining “food, story and tourism”, A Taste of China: Journey Ningxia Cuisine, short video series serves to display the culture and tourism resources with Ningxia characteristics as reflected by the special food therein of light cultural style, such as the Wuzhong morning tea, Zhongwei Wolfberry, Yanchi Tan sheep, Shahu Steamed Fish Head, wine, and Longde stew, coupled with the food culture of intangible cultural heritage of Ningxia. It relates the happy life of the local people in the “hustle and bustle”, arousing the attention and enthusiasm of foreign audiences for the cultural customs and tourism resources of Ningxia, and inspiring their love and yearning for the magic Ningxia.

Wuzhong Morning Tea

Yanchi Tan Sheep

ZhongWei Wolfberry

Shahu Steamed Fish Head

Longde Stew