“Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land” Video Exhibition

The event features short videos on the culture and tourism of Xinjiang, including Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land, Beautiful Xinjiang in Winter, Xinjiang: A Land of Rivers and Mountains, and A Bite of the Silk Road. Those videos give a multidimensional, panoramic picture of the autonomous region’s natural geography, folk customs and social progress, fully demonstrating the amazing charm of Xinjiang, dubbed “a wonderful place in China”. 

Beautiful Xinjiang in Winter

Xinjiang: A Land of Rivers and Mountains

A Bite of the Silk Road

“Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land” Photography Exhibition


As the landmass farthest from the ocean in the world, Xinjiang is blessed with a land warmed by the humid air currents of the Atlantic Ocean and a landscape of infinite beauty outlined by over 370 rivers and numerous lakes made up of almost 10,000 glaciers on the Tianshan Mountains. 

Winter travel to Xinjiang is happiness.

A snowfall whitens mountains and rivers, unifying the color of the sky and the earth. More than 10,000 years ago, humans slid quickly on snow with fur-covered boards on their feet to chase their prey. Using the knowledge that has existed since 10,000 years ago, the first tracks of human skiing were carved into rocks.

[Part One] Experience the ice and snow culture

In winter, guests are greeted with heart-warming milk tea, delicious boiled lamb, folk music of dombra, and Xinjiang folk songs. With gorgeous costumes, people sing and dance, preserving the beauty of ancient times in modern society.

Activities such as jumping into the snow from a high platform, throwing snow, experiencing the horse-drawn plough, girl chasing (chasing game), horse racing, and holding sheep in the mouth (sheep snatching game), and wrestling in the snow will bring you joy that cannot be found in other parts of the country.

Folk Snacks of Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture

Apricot Flower Village in Deep Mountains of Pamir

Naan Maker

Family on Grassland

Jujube Harvest

Elderly Tuva Man Making a Fur Snowboard, Altay Prefecture

Approaching the Wonderland – Kanas Fairy Bay

Colorful Fields

Muqam Performance on Riverside

Milky Way Galaxy over Gobi Desert

Reflection of Jiubie Peak, Kongur Mountains, Wang Shusheng

Wucaitan (Five-colored Terrains), Burqin County, Altay Prefecture


Gaochang Ancient Ruins

Journey to the Pamirs

Aerial View of Irtysh River, Si Mao

Birch Forest in Fall

Musical Instrument Shop in Urumqi International Bazaar, Sun Yang

Kazakh Hawk Tamer, Dang Tong

Local Lad Baking Buns

Elderly Kirghiz Man with his Grandchild

Subash Ancient City in Kucha

Stunning Night Scene of Urumqi

Wind Farm

Mother River – Tarim River

Uyghur Dance Sweet Life under Grapevine Trellises

Majestic Anjihai Canyon

Lop Nur People Village in Autumn

Hustle and Bustle, Fu Liheng

Shoppers Swarming the Mall – Du Xinliang

Flowers at Sharshil Nature Reserve, Bortala Prefecture, Zhang Zhenyuan

Greeting Friends from Afar

Altun Mountains Paradise of Wildlife

Night Time View of Ice Sports Center

Charchan River

Ushtash Grassland

Flaming Mountains under Red Clouds

Monument on Gedeng Mountain, Zhaosu County, Ili Prefecture Hao Pei

Dance of Kazakh Ethnic Group Beautiful Girls

Dance of Kirghiz Ethnic Group Kumuz Violin

Blooming Lavender Fields in Huocheng County, Ili Prefecture

Gaochang Ancient Ruins

Muqam Performance

Stunning Ice Bubbles in Frozen Sayram Lake

Dance of Tajik Ethnic Group Gulnita

Swan Spring

Dance of Uyghur Ethnic Group Jula

Dance Drama Pomegranate Being Ripe

Sky Mirror – Hefeng Salt Plant

Starry Sky over Mingsha Mountains, Mulei County

Picturesque Apricot Flower Valley, Ili Prefecture

Barluk Mountain Scene, Yumin County, Tacheng Prefecture

Sound of Love

Under the Apricot Tree – Hao Pei

[Part Two] Feel the speed in ice and snow

Skiing in Xinjiang is unlike skiing in other places. The warmest ski resort, thickest snow cover, longest snowfall period, and powdery snow loved by skiers in Xinjiang make it a world-class ski tourism destination. Here, skiers can take a helicopter ride at Wild Snow Park to ski, and experience the speed and excitement of China’s only ski run for experts with a vertical drop of over 1,000 meters.

Tekes Bagua (Octagonal-Shaped) County, Ili Prefecture Li Xiuqin

Sunrise at Honghai Wetland Park in Bachu County Zhang Chengxue

Solar Farm-Zhang Zhenyuan

Gate Opening Ceremony of Kashgar Ancient City Zhang Chengxue

Horses Galloping in Snow – Zhu Jianwei

Fairy Tales in Snow- Zhen Mei

Sunset View of the Nine Turns and 18 Bends in Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve

World of Water Lilies, Bosten Lake, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture

Wheat Fields

Golden Colors on the Lake

Goat Grabbing

Village in Winter

Equus Kiang (Wild Ass)

Winter Fishing Festival in Fuhai County, Altay Prefecture

Wacha Highway in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, Kashgar Prefecture

Murals of Qiuci Grottoes

Migratory Birds during Cold Dew

Street Scene of Tuan Town, Hotan City

Child Snowboarder Riding down the Slope

Yarkand River in Autumn

Pottery Craftsman in Kashgar

Koktokay Ski Resort Enjoying a Bustling Season

Koktokay No.3 Pit, Altay Prefecture

Rainbow over Farm Fields

Ghost Town in Karamay City

Flower Season at Sayram Lake

Winter Scene of Hemu Village

Erwin Stricker Trail, Silk Road International Ski Resort in Urumqi

Murals of Tuyugou Grottoes, Turpan

Skier Going down an Alpine Slope

Guozigou Bridge, Ili Prefecture

Section of Dahaidao in Hami-the Shortest Passage Connecting Dunhuang, Hami and Turpan in Ancient times, Known as A Part of Ancient Silk Road

Horseskin Ski Making of Kazakh Ethnic Group

[Part Three] Walk into the Snow and Ice Wonderland

Although most of the world’s deserts do not snow during the winter, the Taklamakan desert is always covered in frost after snowfalls. The snow-covered trees make you feel as if you are in a world from a fairy tale.

From the 155-meter-below-sea-level Turpan Basin to the 8,600-meter-above-sea-level Pamir Plateau, Xinjiang has raised the aesthetic expectations of visitors from around the globe.

Narat National Wetland Park

Lake under Bogda Peak

Duku Highway (Dushanzi in the North of Xinjiang and Kucha in the South)-China’s Most Beautiful Highway

Sunset over Populus Euphratica Forest Gao Jianjun

Great Canyon, Tianshan Mountains