Comfort, a Promotional Video for Liaoning Winter Tourism

Liaoning, a land of passion with the best ice and snow, is the best winter escape for the season. “I’m waiting for you in Liaoning”. Liaoning’ people are welcoming friends from around the world with open arms. Come and experience the unique and wonderful winter scenery here. Welcome to join us in “frolicking in ice and snow sports, soaking in hot springs, and celebrating Chinese New Year in Liaoning.”

“Snow Charm in Liaoning” Ice and Snow Theme Photo Exhibition


Liaoning, located in the northeast region of China, features snowflakes dancing all over the sky from November to February of the next year, resulting in a land of snow-covered landscape widely known as “cold but not freeze, cold with no icicles”. Discover the beauty of Liaoning and enjoy Liaoning. I am waiting for you in Liaoning!

You may experience sliding on the snow of wildness and swiftness; you may enjoy sliding on tires and sleighing on the snow. You may make tea while enjoying the snow in smoke curling upward for a rest; and you can watch fishing in winter, go shopping at a country fair, go to a temple fair, or participate in a Yangko dance, busy and vibrant.

【City of Snow】

The red walls are inlaid with white snow, falling in flakes.

The white snow colliding with red bricks gives out Shenyang’s millennium aftertaste and the memory of the city. The thickness and tranquil beauty bloom in the snow and surge over roof tiles.

Dalian tends to be quiet after snow. Looking forward, you may seem to witness the vigour of “From hill to hill no bird in flight, from path to path no man in sight” as depicted by Liu Zongyuan, a Chinese writer and poet during the Tang Dynasty in his famous poem Fishing in Snow.

When you travel to Jinzhou in winter, you’d better get yourself soaked in a hot spring, watching flying snow, and appreciating pine-covered hills. In a sense, the world tempo seems to slow down in a boundless expanse of snow.

Beitang Hot Spring

Guanmen Mountain Forest Park, Benxi City

Shuidong Scenic Area, Benxi City

Longyuan Lake Scenic Area, Chaoyang City

Jinshitan Tourist Resort, Dalian City

Yalu River Scenic Area, Dandong City

Hushan Great Wall, Dandong City

Winter Red crowned Crane

Gaoershan Scenic Area, Fushun City

Sarhu Scenic Area, Fushun City

Sankuaishi National Forest Park, Fushun City

Tiannv Mountain Scenic Area, Fushun City

Sea ice in Jinzhou Bay

Yiwulu Mountain, Jinzhou City

Yiwulu Mountain, Jinzhou City

Yiwulu Mountain, Jinzhou City

The Imperial Palace of Shenyang

Rime of the Taizi River

Great Scenery of the intertidal zone

Laoyuanzi Scenic Area, Anshan City

Yong’an Xigou Great Wall, Huludao City

Fuling Tomb of the Qing Dynasty

 Yufoyuan Scenic Area, Anshan City

Qianshan Scenic Area, Anshan City

Minghu Hot Spring

【City of Music】

Liaoning features fast and convenient traffic lines, with high-speed railways, expressways and air ports extending in all directions.

There are such fascinating ice and snow items as the survival challenge of walking through the Liaoning Panjing northernmost coastline, ice and snow carnival, and ice dragon boat festival. With nearly 40 high-quality ski resorts, more than 150 hot springs, and the festive folk culture, you can fully feel the passion and enthusiasm of Liaoning. We sincerely welcome you to enjoy the ice and snow and hot springs, and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in Liaoning!

Dalian Linhai Ski Resort

Shenxian Valley Ecotourism Resort,Fushun City

Shaman Dance, Fushun City

Hulu Ancient Town, Huludao City

Ice Dragon Boat, Jinzhou City

Julong Lake Ice and Snow World

Miaozigou Ski Resort


Regao Paradise Ice and Snow World,Shengfu Demonstration Area

Tahe Bay

Tahe Bay

Sun Island Ice and Snow World

Tianqiaogou Ski Resort

Steam Locomotive, Tieling City

Wolong Lake Winter Catching Festival

Opera Skiing

“Snow Charm in Liaoning”, Liaoning’s best ski resorts

Liaoning’s winter temperature is about the same as that of other world-famous ice and snow resorts. The temperature is ideal for sports in this ice and snow world, where you can find almost 80 ice and snow resorts, including 38 high-standard ski resorts, and enjoy an unrivaled rich skiing experience. This event will take you to Shenyang Northeast Asia Ski Resort and Dalian Anbo Hot Spring Ski Resort. These two unique ski resorts have much to offer if you are looking for the excitement and joy of ice and snow sports.




Northeast Asia Ski Resort

Northeast Asia Ski Resort is located in Shenyang National Forest Park, 40 kilometers away from Shenyang City. It is set in 35 hectares, nestling in marvelous mountains. Its snow storage period lasts for nearly 4 months so that tourists can go skiing at the end of November every year. The ski resort is equipped with 12 ski slopes, consisting of advanced, intermediate, beginners, children and ski teaching slopes. The ski slopes are suitable, safe, comfortable with a total length of 4,300 meters, an area of 138,570 square meters and degrees from 8 to 37.5. All the needs of skiing enthusiasts can be met here. The ski equipment hall of 2,400 square meters and parking lots of 7,200 square meters provide a convenient and quick tour experience. The entertainment area offers more than 20 snow activities, including snow tubing and snow mountain surfing. Northeast Asia Ski Resort is perfect for both the young and the old to enjoy the ice and snow.