“A dream Journey of Ice and Snow”
Heilongjiang Snow and Ice Tourism Video Exhibition

The snow to the north of the Great Wall is bold and unconstrained. The winter in Heilongjiang is a fairy tale of ice and a kingdom of snow. Join us in experiencing the hospitality of Heilongjiang people in the ice and snow, and have a cool and romantic ice and snow date.

“Dreamy Northern China, Beautiful Heilongjiang” Photography Exhibition

Dream of Water

Love of snow


Spirit of the Earth



Awakening of Ice


There are 48 pictures selected to display the diversity and richness of Heilongjiang’s cultural and tourist resources, under the themes of “Dream of Water, Love of Snow, Spirit of the Earth, and Awakening of Ice”. They serve to present the main visual experience of “Landscape of Northern Land, Beautiful Heilongjiang” in a multi-dimensional way, leading the audience to enjoy a romantic journey with enthusiasm online.

It is also expected to interpret the humanistic spirit of continuous innovation, forging ahead, inclusiveness and enthusiasm characteristic of Heilongjiang Province, a magical, black land with these vivid images.

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“Dreamy Northern China, Beautiful Heilongjiang” Photography Exhibition 2


It is a natural oxygen bar in China
It is one of the best natural wetlands in China
It is the longest border river across the world
It is one of the three black soil belts in the world
It is where you can embrace the first ray of dawn in China
Beautiful landscape of Northern Land lies in Heilongjiang

[Chapter 1] Beautiful Heilongjiang

There are vast forests covering thousands of miles of wilderness.
There are immense and vast wetlands.
There is the surging border river.
There are vast lakes extending far and wide.

Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake, the world’s largest volcanic lava barrier lake, can form two-meter-thick ice fall stretching hundreds of meters in width in winter. Looking like an iceberg, it is the largest ice fall in China. In winter, the soft rimes around Heilong Pond in Jingpo Lake Scenic Area stretch for kilometers. The winter snow is light and flexible, soft and delicate. Combined with mountains and stone pines, the snow becomes soft rims and fog grass all over the mountains, making you feel like coming to a most beautiful coral world.

A Scenic Area at Wudalianchi Lake

Located in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, A Scenic Area at Wudalianchi Lake is famous for its world-famous volcanic and mineral spring resources. In the scenic area, there are 14 new and old volcanic peaks, more than 800km2 magnificent lava platforms, and hundreds of mineral springs. In the winter season, the scenery is picturesque, with water temperature staying at about 14 degrees Celsius all the year round. In winter, there will be frost and snow on the water surface, which produce quite rare volcanic spectacle. In winter, the Heilong Mountain Scenic Area has contrasting colors of black and white, looking like an ink painting.

The National Forest Park at Phoenix Mountain

The National Forest Park at Phoenix Mountain has the most typical forest and snow-covered field in Northeast China. The mountain snow field, China Snow Valley, Ice and Snow Gallery and other landscapes constitute a winter tourism destination with original and natural mountains and valleys. The Ice and Snow Gallery under the Snow Dragon Top of Mount Fenghuang is the highest ice and snow tourist attraction in Heilongjiang Province. The scenic area is divided into two parts: Snow Dragon Top Climbing and Gallery Sightseeing. The Snow Dragon Top is covered by ice and snow, looking crystal and shining. Two snow dragons hover along the peak, like two dragons playing with pearls. It is a paradise for natural skiers and photographers. The ancient trees on both sides of the Gallery Sightseeing Area are covered by ice and snow, where tourists can freely play with snow, enjoy snow, and take photos.

Longjiang First Bay

Longjiang First Bay is a Ω-shaped river bay formed by the source of the Heilongjiang River when it flows through Hongqiling. Nicknamed as Longjiang First Bay because of its unique and magnificent landscape, it is also known as “Golden Ring Island” because the peninsula is surrounded by beaches shining like gold in the sun. When touring No. 1 Bay in Heilongjiang, you can live in a wooden house, walk under the shade of trees, play by Heilongjiang River and swim in Sisuo Lake, where you can enjoy tranquility in the nature of North China.

Heixiazi Island Scenic Area

Heixiazi Island Scenic Area is a national quadruple-A tourism destination in China. Located in the southwest bank of the main channel at the junction of Heilongjiang River and Wusuli River in Fuyuan City known as East Antarctica in China, the scenic area lies at the easternmost end of the country. It is also the first place in China to see the rising sun. Heixiazi Island Wetland Park, Exploring Wild Bear Park, Dongji Pagoda and other scenic spots on the island are the best places to experience the beauty of East Antarctica in China and experience winter charm.

Da Pingtai Rime in Xunke

Da Pingtai Rome Scenic Area is located in Kelin Town, a mountainous area in the southeast part of Xunke County, 150 kilometers away from the downtown. The scenic area, together with Harbin Grand Ice and Snow World, Mohe Arctic Village and Mudanjiang Shuangfeng Snow Town, are known as the Top Four Winter Culture Brands in Heilongjiang Province. It is known as the “capital of soft rimes in north China ” in the photographer community in China. Da Pingtai  Rimes in Xunke County lasted a long time. It is the best time to appreciate soft rimes from the middle of November to March of the next year. In 2011, China Artistic Photography Society named Dapingtai Village in Xunke County as the “Northern Rime Photography Base ”.

The Zhalong Nature Reserve

The Zhalong Nature Reserve Province is an inland wetland water ecosystem and wildlife nature reserve mainly composed of reed marshes. Also known as “the world’s largest wetland and the hometown of cranes in China”, it offers the unique winter tourism program called “Watching Cranes on Snow”, which is exclusive and distinctive among the numerous winter tourism destinations in China. The white snow reflects the blue sky, and the reeds are golden. Dotted with dozens of red-crowned cranes in black and white feathers, it makes tourists feel like they are in a fairyland.

Xingkai Lake

Xinkailiu Scenic Area in Xingkai Lake is a national nature reserve and geo-park. Snowing period in Xingkai Lake lasts more than 120 days, whose natural environment and climate make it a perfect destination for winter tourists because of its wonderful ecology and charming scenery. In winter, the lake and the lake hills are covered by ice and snow. Climbing into the viewing platform, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of snow and ice.

[Chapter 2] Passion for Ice & Snow


You can never talk about ice and snow when never going to Heilongjiang.
When the first ice lantern is lit, a snow sculpture comes into being, and a ski track is built, the earliest winter of China is approaching.

Heilongjiang, as the world’s largest ice and snow park, shows the extreme romance of ice and snow. The International Snow Sculpture Competition has been known as a creative highland for snow sculpture artists from all over the world. China’s first international ski school has been the “cradle of champions” of ice and snow sports. “Songhua River, a scenic spot on both banks”, serves to have the four-wheel drive in ice and snow, go-kart racing for adults, and snow-land drifting at tremendous speed launched the moment winter comes.

Heilongjiang has been a fairy tale of ice and a kingdom of snow.

Harbin Sunac Land

Harbin Sunac Land has a snow amusement park in it covering 80,000m2, which is called Harbin SUNAC Snow Park. Holding 3,000 people at the same time to play and ski in it, it provides all-weather snow and ice entertainment all the year round. There are eight ski trails with different slopes, and the maximum vertical drop amounts to 80 meters. All ski enthusiasts can find a place to release their passion here. In a constant temperature environment of minus five degrees Celsius throughout the year, and with skating rinks built in accordance with international competition standards, it is suitable to hold international winter sports competitions, and organize skating activities for all. The outdoor theme park becomes an “ice and snow wonder park” in winter, where performances, ice amusement programs and other activities are held for tourists to enjoy the indoor fun of ice and snow.

Harbin Polarland

As the largest and most specialized polar theme park in China, Harbin Polarland offers tours of rich polar experiences. Committed to the scientific research of animal breeding and the protection of biodiversity, Harbin Polarland has seen the birth of the first arctic wolf cloned in the world, in addition to the prosperity of other rare animals like Antarctic Papua penguins, spotted seals, sea lions, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, and fur seals. Boasting the unique climate, every winter the dancing snow will make Harbin a polar land where the Antarctic penguins in Harbin Polarland will enjoy themselves in groups in a world of the ice and snow, interacting with tourists from all over the country on the Polar Square in the not-to-be-seen-elsewhere parade of Antarctic penguins presented in the silver open air in China!

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is the birthplace of the first international ski school in China, where many world champions of winter sports start their career, and the cradle place of ski tourism for all in China. Nicknamed as “Snowy Mecca”, Yabuli Ski Resort has a 170-day super-long winter season. It has the largest snow trail network in China, the largest continuous drop, the longest snow trail, the largest number of cable cars, the most scientific design, the most advanced facilities, the most varied snow trails, and the most exciting experience. As the permanent venue of the China Entrepreneurs Museum and the China Entrepreneurs Forum, it has become the world-famous “Davos of China, Yabuli of the world”.

Harbin Songhua River Ice And Snow Carnival

Harbin Songhua River Ice And Snow Carnival, which adopts the design concept of “Songhua River with sceneries on both sides”, strives to build a world-class winter carnival park integrating commonweal, experience, interest and entertainment. In the park, tourists can experience ice slides, snow slides and other exciting entertainment programs; they can unlock snow and ice 4WD, adult go kart, snow drift and others, and feel the speed and passion of snow driving; they can also take a banana boat, crazy octopus, etc. to feel the tension of drifting on the ice. In addition, they can visit special winter landscapes and many other wonderful scenes in winter.

China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is a festival lasting in the entire season of winter. It is also the first international festival in China specialized in winter activities. The event, together with Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, Quebec Winter Carnival in Canada and Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo of Norway, are known as the Top Four Winter Events in the world. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival includes a number of sub-activities such as Yabuli International Ski Festival, China Harbin (Finlandia) Ski Marathon, Harbin International Winter Swimming Invitational Tournament, and other winter competitions for tourists. Besides, wonderful performances and concerts are also available in Harbin Grand Theater, Harbin Concert Hall, Harbin Old Synagogue Concert Hall and other venues.

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World, first opened in 1999, has experienced 21 years of development. It integrates winter art, culture, performance, architecture, activities and sports. Receiving more than one million tourists from all over the world every year, the complex covers 600,000m2 in total. As the largest winter park in the world, the winter tourism destination gained great popularity at home and abroad. From late December to early March of the next year, Harbin Ice and Snow World offers the ultimate romance of ice and snow for the world, including the crystal-clear ice and snow sculptures, colorful lighting special effects, fascinating visual performance, thrilling and exciting ice magic, ice acrobatics, ice ballet, European-styled ice performances, and various ice sports.

[Chapter 3] Life in the Snowy Village


Who has created the meaning of winter?
The one who has never seen the winter in Heilongjiang in person can never speak of winter.

Even when the temperature drops to minus 50 degrees Celsius, you can still sit on the kang (a heatable brick bed) and talk, and the snowy town is still warm. A 1500-meter-long fishing net can hold the 100000 kg of catches for the local people. Ice miners on Hulan River are to collect 500 pieces of ice for the upcoming ice and snow festival, where the artists are to shape an amusement park with the ever-changing shapes of ice. The snow in the north of the Great Wall is beautiful with boldness and uninhibitedness. Heilongjiang is a picture of ice and snow with ice and snow as its Chinese writing brush. Cultural life has extended the aesthetic space of natural ice and snow in Heilongjiang, the “crown of ice and snow”!

Winter Fishing at Lianhuan Lake

The period from the end of December to the Spring Festival is the best time for fishermen to make large-scale winter fishing. The fishing culture was originated in prehistory and flourished in Liao and Jin Dynasties. Because of easy preservation and transportation, the ancient approach of winter fishing has been carried on till today. Lianhuan Lake, located in Dorbod, has rich aquatic resources. With the aquaculture area stretching more than 560,000 Chinese mu, the lake produces over 40 kinds of freshwater fish, especially carp, grass carp, silver carp, chubby head carp, crucian carp, and black fish, etc. The annual fish output is more than 1,000 tons. Winter net fishing is a traditional custom.

China Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo

China Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo was first held in 1988, which is located in the Sun Island Scenic Area. It covers an area of 600,000m2, uses 100,000m3 snow per year, and has more than 150 landscapes. It is the origin of snow sculpture art, and the earliest and largest winter amusement park with snow as the theme in China. With a long exhibition period, high quality, new content, large scale, and strong sense of interest, it is known as “the largest winter carnival in the world”. Here, you can not only find snow slides, ice bikes and other amusement programs, but also have the opportunity to attend the annual international snow sculpture competition, which sees the presence of snow sculpture artists from all over the world, thus creating exquisite snow sculpture works that show different regional characteristics and national styles.


Arctic Village

The Arctic Village is located at the northernmost end of China on the border line with Russia. Also known as the “Golden Rooster Crown”, “North Pole in China” and “Sleepless Place”, it is the sole best observation point to watch the aurora borealis (northern lights) and polar days and nights in China. The Arctic Village Scenic Area has plain ancient scenery, rich local flavor, and well-preserved vegetation and ecological environment. Here, you can see the most beautiful rivers and mountains, and start a mysterious and dreamy journey to aurora. Tourists wishing to tour North China can experience the extremely cold winter, feel the stimulation of horse-drawn plowing, ski in the northernmost resort, visit the Christmas Post Office and mail a unique card to your sweetheart, and spend Christmas with elk together with Santa Claus of Finland.

Harbin Volga Manor

The Volga Manor, based on the history of Harbin and themed on Russian culture, is located on the Ashe River in the suburbs of Harbin. As the Base of China-Russia Cultural Exchange, it is a national quadruple-A resort for sightseeing, leisure, business meetings and outdoor sports, etc. Relying on the original wetland environment of Ashe River, Volga Manor reproduces the classical buildings in the history of China and Russia in a landscape garden of more than 600,000m2, displaying the Russian architectures, fine art, sculptures, wetland landscape, etc. 

China’s Snow Town

China’s Snow Town, located in the southwest of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, covers an area of 17,916 hectares, with an altitude of 1,100 meters. Because the cold air of Baikal Lake and the warm and humid air from the Japanese Sea meet here frequently, and because of the impact of special terrain, the town is featured by many rainy days in summer and frequent heavy snowfalls in winter. The snow period lasts nearly seven months. The snow piles up to two meters, presenting different forms in the wind. Here, tourists feel like coming to a fairyland of ice and snow.

The Central Street of Harbin

The Central Street of Harbin is a must-see place for tourists to Harbin. It is the longest pedestrian street in Asia and the earliest one in China, which “gathers the essence of world art with century-old architectural styles”. Walking along the Central Pedestrian Street, and walking on the vertically-placed slab stones, you can find various buildings, ice lanterns and snow sculptures with exquisite shapes on the street. Holding a Moderne ice cream bar in your hand, you can see western architectural art dated back to one century ago, which helps tourists understand what is called “the Museum of Architectural Arts of the World”.