Cool China

“Cool China” Promotion Video

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is an international sports event that attracts worldwide attention. Coinciding with the traditional Chinese New Year, it offers China an excellent opportunity to impress the world with its culture and style. The program “Cool China” is just designed as an intriguing window into the charming nation at this wonderful time.

Since ancient times, many winter sports have been popular with the Chinese people, who celebrate quite a few festive occasions in the winter. The program gives the audience a taste of Chinese sportsmanship by discovering a variety of winter sports and festive customs of different ethnic groups in different parts of China— to be specific, Altay in Xinjiang, Changbai Mountain in Jilin, and the Shahu Lake in Ningxia, three places carefully chosen for their distinctive features.

The program features a combination of live streaming, short videos and trending hashtags as well as the cooperation between NICE (Network of International Culturalink Entities, a cultural content supplier affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism) and WeChat (Tencent) as co-organisers. All of this will make it a great experience to discover lovely China with its snowy looks.